acquistare viagra online generico 200 mg a Genova U9 GIRLS

generic version of levitra 1st Jasmine Miller 7.15 2nd Izzy Jones 8.05

Buy Clomid online 25 mg 3rd  Hannah Stansfield 8.21

4th  Susanna Thompson 8.47

5th Darcie Mc Mahon 10.11 U9 BOYS

1st Charlie Matthews 7.05

2nd Alex Osborne 7.19

3rd Joseph Lang 7.23

4th Neil Randev 7.27

5th Oliver Flesk 7.27

6th Timmy Wall 7.41

7th Archie Halliwell 7.45

8th Ged Quinn 7.48

9th Eoin McHale 7.54

10th Theo Griffiths 8.25

11th Adam Greenway 9.09

12th Eoin Pegler 9.23 U11 GIRLS

1st Jessica Forrest 6.31

2nd Holly Newton 6.33

3rd Nancy Pickles 6.51

4th Eleanor Nicholson 6.55

5th Charlotte Stansfield 7.08

6th Thea Pratley 7.10

7th Lucy Pearce 7.25

8th Ella Farquhar 7.27

9th Hannah Myres 7.34

10th Aine Pegler 7.59


acquisto viagra originale on line U11 BOYS

 1st Jimmy Taafe 6.25

2nd Zach Thompson 6.27

3rd Henry Bellingham 6.34

4th Cameron Scott 7.00

5th Jonah Pearce 7.02

6th Dylan Hanrahan 7.13

7th Dominic Gibson 7.26

8th Michael Quinn 7.35

9th Isaac Oderinde 7.36

10th Finton Wall 7.39

get link  U13 GIRLS

1st Jessica Malloy 7.18

2nd Kate Fitzgerald 7.18

3rd Madison Byrne 7.21

4th Lauren Farquhar 7.49

5th Emily Wall 7.58

6th Laura Kelly 8.38

prescription drug lasix U13 BOYS

 1st Daniel Green 6.31

2nd Ben Lomas 6.33

3rd Angus Morris 6.38

4th Charlie Llewellyn 7.07

5th Sam Fogarty 7.16

6th Edward Johnson 7.54 SENIOR WOMEN

 1st Millie Pearce U15 5.51

2nd Lora Blann V35    5.55

3rd Amanda Navin      6.11

4th Katy Green V40    6.20

5th Harriet Pearce V45 6.33

6th Margaret Bullock V50 6.53

7th Angela Bamford V50   7.37

source url  SENIOR MEN

 1st Daniel Racle U20 4.46

2nd Harry Sinclair U17 5.05

3rd Kristen Matuszczak 5.07

4th Richard Johnson V50 5.16

5th Richard Jellyman V40 5.30

6th Andy Oates V40 5.38

7th Richard Biggs V40 5.39

8th Andrew Spencer V40 5.47

9th Peter Waterson V45 5.49

10th Richard Hanley 6.03

11th Mark Hunter V60 6.04

12th James Morris U15 6.10

13th Chris Marritt V40 6.16

14th Laurence Barker U15 6.36

15th Hugh McKenna V65 7.20

16th Thomas Pavey U15 7.59


Many thanks to Mike Welford, Phil Nichol and Bob Spark (timekeeping/recording), John Snape (starter) and Andy Whittingham (medal presentations)


Well done to everyone who turned out to run in such dreadful conditions!