Club Mile Championships – Results

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After being washed out the previous week due to the apocalyptic thunderstorms, the club mile championships took place a week later under more favourable conditions (dry!)

This year’s event provided some close finishes particularly in the Senior Ladies race where U15 Millie Pearce managed to hold off Lore Blann and in the Senior Men’s where Nick Bugler finally got the better of U17 Daniel Racle. There were more clear cut victories in the age group races in particular Tessa Pearce, Thea Pratley and Aisling McHale.

Two new club records were set by Ann-Marie Jones (FV60) and Dave Attwell (MV75)

Thanks must go to Steve Roddis, Phil Nichol (timekeepers), Bob Spark, Damian Utton (recorders) and in particular to John Snape for his help in organisation and race starter and to Helen Simpson for her sterling work on registration

Results as follows


1st Millie Pearce       5.54.7 U15 (U14)

2nd Lora Blann           6.00.0 V35

3rd Harriet Pearce     6.28.4 V40

4th Carole Harrison   6.39.7 V50

5th Ann-Marie Jones 6.42.0 v60*

6th Fiona Cosgrove    6.55.2 V45

7th Jo Racle                 7.01.7 V50

8th Helen Callery       7.04.4 V50

*Club age group record





1st Nick Bugler            5.03.0 Senior

2nd Daniel Racle         5.06.3 U17

3rd Josh Smith             5.17.1 Senior

4th Dan Martell           5.20.1 Senior

5th Arthur Raffle         5.27.4 U20

6th Andy Oates            5.27.6 V40

7th Harry Sinclair         5.32.6 U15

8th Dave Livingstone  5.33.8 V45

9th Richard Jellyman  5.37.6 Senior

10th Dan Latham         5.39.0 Senior

11th Brad Johnson       5.41.8 V40

12th Paul Abraham      5.44.2 V40

13th Henry Thompson 5.47.6 U17 (U16)

14th Jonny Hulbert       5.49.4 Senior

15th Mark Hunter         5.55.9 V55

16th Chris Marritt          5.58 V35

17th Richard H?             6.03.2 V35

18th  Andy Spencer       6.03.5 V40

19th Dave Parkes           6.10.3 V45

20th Duncan Dickinson 6.24.4 V50

21st Justin Thompson  7.20.7 V45

22nd Mark Whitfield    7.24.7 V40

23rd Dave Attwell         8.11.3 V75*

*Club age group record





1st Tessa Pearce     6.22.0 G

2nd Ben Lomas        6.33.8 B

3rd Thomas Pavey  6.57.4 B

4th Hannah Gregg   6.57.8  G




1st Aisling McHale          6.34.1 G

2nd Holly Newton           6.44.9 G

3rd Jessica Forrest          6.54.5 G

4th Robert Hardern        7.23.1 B

5th Kate Lane                   7.25.1 G

6th Eva Bucknall              7.29.3 G

7th Charlotte Stansfield 7.33.7 G

8th Lucy Pearce               7.35.6 G

9th Abi Lynn                     7.50.3 G

10th Dominic Gibson      7.50.3 B

11th Tilly Callery             7.55.0 G

12th Ella Hughes             8.42.1 G

13th Holly Appleton       8.47.1 G

14th  Oliver Taylor         8.50.2 B

15th Isabelle L Taylor    8.52.5 G

16th Mia Wells                9.05.5 G









1ST  Thea Pratley      7.01.3  G

2nd Carys Bucknall  7.26.3 G

3rd Cerys Smith       7.32.3 G

4th Jonah Pearce     7.50.3 B

5th Isabel Appleton 8.37.6 G

6th Timmy Wall       8.51.2 B

7th Camiah Phillip   11.04.2 G

8th Isabelle Taylor  12.26.6 G

9th Lizzie Bailey     12.26.6 G





















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