Joining ADAC is reasonably straight forward, we are affiliated to England Athletic Association (EA), part of your membership fee is paid to EA to cover basic insurance and athletic development in the UK.

Unfortunately, our under 11’s training groups are full and we have had to close our waiting list for the time being due to a lot of interest in joining the club. As such we cannot accommodate children under the age of 11 years old.

There have been some recent changes regarding compulsory athlete registration held under UKA Rules.

Whilst athlete registration has been a part of the rules of the sport for a number of years these changes mean it is essential that athletes are registered and aware of their registration details.

While road runners will still be able to compete unattached, athletes, who wish to represent their club (and claim the registered athlete discount on entry fees) in all events including road running, will need to be registered.

In order to join you need to complete the online application which is available here. If you have been affiliated to another athletic club within the last 5 years you will need to log into your Athletics Portal account and transfer your First Claim status to ADAC. Please note there is a processing fee.

This will hopefully limit the number of applications that get rejected by EA because athletes are still members at other clubs because most athletes think that by not paying subs they are automatically resigned from their old club; however they just become lapsed members.

There are several types of membership, the basic categories are Junior/Student Members, Senior Members – full list is below.

Note: ADAC operates an online facility for paying membership fees as it is an efficient mechanism for the club officials and members. In exceptional circumstances payment by cheque or cash will be accommodated.

Senior Membership (Competing): £50 – Full senior membership, includes UK Athletics affiliation fee and fee for North West Athletics
Senior Membership (Non-Competing): £20 – Social membership
Senior Membership (65 & over): £30 – Any senior athlete still competing, which are considered a senior citizen.
2nd Claim Membership: £15 – UK Athletics affiliation paid by parent club
Junior Membership (11 & over): £25 – Junior athletes 11 & over that will compete under UKA rules.
Full Time Student Membership: £25 – Any athlete that is in fulltime education post school/6th form college. That is, students in tertiary or university education.
Junior Membership (under 11): £20 – Junior members up to 11yrs old. UKA affiliation not required due to age.

If you are a member of a club from out of the area and wish to join ADAC second claim then please contact us at and we will be happy to help. For more information on 1st and 2nd claim see our FAQ page.

These represent excellent value. £15 of this goes to England athletics, you save around £2 per race as an affiliated member, reduced training fees at the track plus free entry to Cross country races, Northern track and field events, road and fell relay events and 6/12 stage races.

Below are the guidelines from England athletics for athletes regarding taking responsibility to check their own profile and status on the EA website. Note you will not be affiliated until Club fees have been received.

Contact Us:

Guidance for athletes
It is important that athletes take responsibility for their role in ensuring their club registration is up to date. Be aware the volunteers at your club are involved in carrying out a wider range of activities to support athletes so playing your part is important.

Here is what you should do:
– Ensure you know your URN/ licence number (also sometimes referred to as England Athletics number) – more below
– Ensure you pay your club membership fee, including England Athletics’ registration fee, promptly
– Make clear to your club that you are a competing athlete if your club also has non-competing athletes
– Be aware of your club’s membership renewal process – when do you need to pay and how?
– Log in at to check your details are correct and your registration status. If necessary us the forgotten username and/ or forgotten password functionality
– Make a note of your URN/ Licence number (also sometimes referred to as England Athletics number) – this is given at the top of your Summary/ Personal Details
– Ensure your details are correct on your profile:
– First name – especially if your name can be abbreviated
– Surname
– Date of Birth
– Email address
– When you are sent your athlete pack keep hold of your registration card
– If your name and date of birth are correct on the portal (Trinity) you can also use to find your URN/ licence number (also sometimes referred to as England Athletics number)
– The new affiliation year begins on 1 April
– Previously registered athletes who have not renewed their registration by 30 June will become unregistered at that point