ADAC Juniors

ADAC encourage youngsters to become active in the sport of athletics, we have a team of qualified coaches who work with young people on a wide range of athletic events to help them develop and improve as athletes. With the younger athletes the emphasis is on fun and taking part.

We do not focus solely on a single discipline with our young athletes, instead using Athletics 365 we encourage them to try a wide variety of events and work to develop all round athletic skills.

We do encourage competition and take part in Track and Field events/ League meetings, Club Competitions, Sports Hall and Cross Country.

As the athletes develop, we will continue to encourage multi-event training; however we will also help to develop specific disciplines and encourage each athlete achieve their personal goals.

Although England Athletics operate and age badning system, we work to develop athletes depending upon their own physical abilities. Our focus as a club with our youngsters is on participation and enjoyment, respect and tollerance are placed high on our agenda.

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Notice for new athletes

Due to the popularity of athletics we now have a waiting list for 8, 9 and 10 year old’s. You can help!

Recent Posts

U9s win medals at Ashton XC

It's always exciting to see how new athletes get on when they take part in a club competition for the first time.  Every great athlete needs to start somewhere and many will be able to point to a modest first performance as where it all began.  Club competition is...

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U13 Girls Complete Team in National XC

The National Cross Country is perhaps the best event on the British endurance running calendar.  The quality is immense, but also the numbers competing are impressive.  No venue brings it home quite like Parliament Hill.  Seeing the masses of runners surging up there...

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Manchester XC League – Junior Season Review

Now that the cross country season is coming to close it's time to reflect on how the season has gone and how we are progressing as a club.  As the Manchester XC is our local regular competition, it is an important indicator.  To start with let's go into Mark Twain...

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Wythenshawe Mud Pie

The rain was beating down hard on the window.  The street was full of puddles.  Do I really have to go out in that?  That was me being soft.  Imagine young athletes wanting to go out in that?  Just try and stop them! Wythenshawe Park is one of the flatter courses in...

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U13 Girls 25th Team in Northern XC

For this year's Northern XC we went to Harewood House, north of Leeds.  Little was known about the course beforehand, but we should have been able to guess - lots of hills and mud!  It was a good course for spectating, providing opportunity for non-runners to destroy...

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U11 Girls in top 3 teams at Woodbank Park

I'm coming to the conclusion that Woodbank Park is the toughest of the Manchester XC League courses for the juniors.  This year not only did it have the killer hill and 'the cliff', but it was full of mud.  Several of our athletes lost their footing during the run...

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Aisling Wins Greater Manchester XC Championship

2018 has begun brilliantly for our juniors with a great turnout for the Greater Manchester XC Championships, particularly from our U13 girls.  The clear highlight was the performance of Aisling McHale, who managed to beat tough competition to win the U13 girls crown. ...

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